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Entry Tips

To give your entry the best possible chance, take a look at our top tips:

  • Read the category description, what the judges are looking for and each of the questions carefully

  • Plan your entry and give yourself enough time to write your entry and gain the necessary approvals/sign-offs
  • Get some support with writing, proofreading and collating evidence and supporting links and documents that back-up your entry

  • Answer the questions, ensure all the information is relevant and that you have covered each of the criteria points within your answer

  • Lead with the most important and impactful information

  • Put yourself in the judges shoes, write clearly and concisely and make sure your entry is easy for our judges to read and understand

  • Keep asking yourself ‘How is what we are doing / I am doing driving real change?’

  • Share your passion

  • Stick to the word count. You will have limited space to give your answers and provide our judges with all the information they need. It may help to draft your answers in a separate document and complete the online entry when you are happy

  • Where appropriate, you may wish to use bullet points to state information clearly and concisely

  • Provide evidence where requested

  • Data/statistical evidence claims should be supported with links/proof (these can be uploaded or linked to in a dedicated section of the entry form)

  • If anecdotal evidence or impact statements are included in your answers, permission should be sought for these to be verified and/or publicised and you should be prepared to show this upon request

  • Ensure images and documents are under the maximum upload size and in the correct format

  • You may need to provide contact details for other people as part of your entry. Make sure you have their permission to do so

  • You can save your entry and come back to submit at a later date –don’t forget to submit (and make payment) before entries close at 9am (BST) on Friday 26th July 2024

  • Where you provide website links, please ensure you copy and paste the full website link e.g. (starting with www. will cause an error)

  • Uploads will not be saved so remember to add these before you submit your entry

  • Check and double-check your entry before you click submit!